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Astrospheric's Data Domain

Astrospheric's primary weather data comes from the Canadian RDPS model. This model covers The US (excluding Hawaii), Canada, and partial coverage of Mexico and a few other locations. Astrospheric further shrinks the RDPS domain for performance optimization.

Astrospheric's full domain can be seen in this image

If a forecast is requested outside of this domain then an error will be returned to the client. Greenland is partially covered, however an error may be returned if requesting a location in Greenland.

The Astrospheric app is available in Canada and the United States for iOS/iPadOS and Android. App stores do not allow exclusion at sub country level (state or territory), so information about Hawaii being excluded is in the app description.

Please note that Astrospheric has no influence over the domain covered by the RDPS model. Additionally, there are no plans to use any other model as the primary data source on Astrospheric.

Astrospheric's Cloud Ensemble includes hourly updates from the NBM model, which has an even smaller domain than the RDPS model. The area in white is covered by the NBM.

More information about the Cloud Ensemble can be found here.

When in doubt, attempt to get a forecast at your desired location and check the "Forecast Details" tile at the bottom of the app. The model data will have a green check when available at the location.

The forecast details card will not only show if data is available, it will include the last time Astrospheric processed data from the specified model as well as when the next major update is expected.

Model Update Frequency
RDPS 6 hours
GFS 6 hours
NAM 6 hours
RAP 6 hours
NBM 1 hour