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Cloud Cover

The cloud cover forecast shows how obscured the sky will be be at a given hour by clouds. Darker blue indicates clearer skies, and light blues to white indicate increased total cloud cover.

0% (clear skies) 50% 100%
Ensemble Cloud Forecast for Astrospheric Professional

Astrospheric Professional users, please see the Cloud Ensemble documentation for more information on how to read the specialized cloud row in your forecast.

Additional Details

Model Information

The base cloud model for Astrospheric comes from the Canadian RDPS.  If you are using the basic edition of Astrospheric, then you should check more models in order to fully understand the cloud forecast.  Note: many weather websites don't publish the model they use or they simply don't know. Be careful in choosing your other sources so you don't form confirmation bias.  Alternatively, you can upgrade to the full version Astrospheric Professional to gain access to the cloud ensemble tailored specifically for astronomers.